School of Biological Science
  • Ucn3::Cre-recombined neurons in the IntA Coronal section of the cerebellum from a Ucn3::Cre; Rosa::YFP mice (Low et al., 2018).

  • Glomerular Rosettes Inspired by Picasso (Evening Flowers, 1932), a composite of individual glomerular rosettes in the cerebellar cortex immunostained with antibodies against GAD67 (magenta), gephyrin (blue) and vGluT1 (yellow) (A.I. Chen).

  • Manipulating the Cerebellum With Optogenetics An optical fiber implanted within the mouse deep cerebellum (A. Low).

  • Cerebellar IntA Nucleus and Limb Movements Inspired by Snow Flowers (Matisse, 1951), green circles representing DCN neurons are embedded in a white sagittal cerebellar section (A. Low).

  • Molecular Layer Synapses Climbing fiber synapses (vGluT2-red) on the dendrites of Purkinje cells (Calbindin-blue) in the mature cerebellar cortex (S. Kamath).

  • Linking identifiable circuits to behavior A behavioral assay to measure skilled reaching in mice (V. Turner).

  • Inhibitory Interneurons in the Cerebellum Expression of GAD67 in inhibitory interneurons in the cerebellar cortex by fluorescent in situ hybridization (N. Zainolabidin).

  • Cerebellar Glomerulus An electron micrograph of a mouse cerebellar glomerulus (black arrows - asymmetric synapses, red arrows - symmetric synapses, yellow arrows - plaques) (A.I. Chen).